jehricka said:
What is the one thing or place you would most like to see?

The young bounty hunter chewed on the metal end of a slintered arrow absently, obviously in deep thought. “I wooooould like ‘tew see..” He hummed, rolling his jaw until he thought it popped, eyes going wide as he thought he broke it for a second.

"…Knnnigits. Kn….knights! My daddy says they ‘wide awound on big horses, and carwy big sticks to knock each other over! A…Joust! I wanted to see a joust!"

hot enemy soldiers

hot enemy soldiers

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lytendrah said:
((Child prompt)) "What is your favorite animal?"

The young, not quite a bounty hunter twisted his mouth in thought, holding within his hands a fanged mask with purple cloth. He slid it over his face, the piece far too big, but that didn’t stop that wide, childish grin from spreading over his face. He pointed to the fangs on the mask.

"Snakes! Or…a snake. They’re…dangwous, but you know…gwaceful. Mwaujestic. They’re hunters, just like my papa. I like ‘em!"

For the next hour, my Muse will answer all question as a ten year old version of themselves.


I don’t often do prompts, BUT PLEASE!

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zeiyth yooooooo

Uhm, yes. Exactly this.